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PC Lifecycle Management

Similar in scope to SMART Option, our PCLM Plan is a defined PC lifecycle replacement plan that provides you with new PCs, notebooks, monitors and business software over a three to five year period.   The PCs used in this PCLM Plan are new units from name brand manufacturers such as Dell, HP or Lenovo.  We bundle solid preventative Malware and Anti-Virus applications and Microsoft Office with each PC or notebook creating a stable and standardized baseline PC environment.  Should a PC fail during the contract period, a BSS technician will repair or replace the failed unit at no additional cost to the customer.  

Typical PCLM Plan

HP, Lenovo or Dell PC – 8GB RAM – 500GB HD – DVDRW
Windows 10 Professional.
20” (+) LED Monitor
Microsoft Office
Antivirus – Malware Software

Plans start at $45 per month, per PC.