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Cloud Services

One of the most talked about trends in technology is the Cloud.  The term “cloud” is a new name for “hosting service” that has been around for over twenty years. While Millennials trumpet the cloud as the only place to run a business, there are pluses and minuses that must be weighed within each business model.

On the plus side, there is minimal capital and operational investment needed to run your business in the cloud.  That has tremendous appeal for start-ups and young companies struggling with growth and funding.  The cloud allows these companies to leverage the economies of scale offered by the global service providers within the industry.  The options for hardware and software are endless.  The cloud also offers mobility by the end users.  Cloud users can work anywhere they have a good Internet connection.  This option allows companies to expand their workforce outside of a geographic commuter zone.

On the minus side, cloud computing makes you dependent on the speed and reliability of your Internet service.  When it’s down, your data operations stop until it’s back online.  For locations that suffer from poor Internet service including inadequate bandwidth and frequent outages, the cloud may not be the answer for you.  Service reliability questions must be carefully considered with your cloud services provider.  Most if not all of the largest global providers have been the target of malicious attacks resulting in outages lasting days.  Can your business operations continue during one or more prolonged outages?          

Is your data safe in the cloud?  There are no guaranties in life especially with the security of data in the cloud.  Because your cloud data is accessible from anywhere in the world, the higher the potential of a data breach from hacking, a disgruntled employee or just general carelessness by your employees.  We have recently discovered that cloud data is susceptible to ransomware attacks in certain situations.  Although the ransom payment may be small, the cost to repair and restore the damaged data could be exponentially large and time consuming.  There have been cases where the company found out after the payment was made that the data had been damaged beyond repair.      

Boston Systems provides cloud, premise and hybrid solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers.  We have partnered with many of the largest, industry leading providers servicing every major industry.  Let us help you navigate through all of the advantages and disadvantages to help you make the best decision for your company.