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Managed Services

No matter what size your organization is you will need some type of ongoing IT support.  Hiring and training full-time IT staff can be expensive, time consuming and unnecessary.  Managed Services provide you immediate access to highly trained IT professionals ready to help your business leverage the right technologies for your productivity, efficiency and growth.  Once upon a time, Managed Services was cost prohibitive to the SMB market.  That is no longer the case as Managed Services Providers (MSP) have removed the budget barriers in the name of competition.

We understand that many requests can be addressed remotely.  Those issues that can be resolved remotely are done so saving valuable time to the customer.  We also understand that there are times when we need to be onsite, sitting next to our client fixing their problem and restoring confidence in their network.  Our competitors offer Managed Services and promise you 80% or more of your helpdesk requests can be resolved remotely.  When an IT company tells you that it means they will charge you a large monthly fee and will never show up at your company.

At Boston Systems, we offer a Hybrid MSP option that provides remote monitoring, maintenance and support with “feet-on-street” onsite support when needed.  Our Hybrid MSP option provides you access to technology experts trained to provide everything from Help Desk support to disaster recovery.  We tailor our services to your IT requirements and budget allowing you to spend more time managing your core business.

Infrastructure management, firewall and virus protection, WAN/LAN health monitoring, a fully secure virtual environment, disaster recovery, on-site support and more are all available to your business with a managed IT service partner working to keep your data safe, secure and accessible.  Using industry standard monitoring and remote access tools, BSS provides 24x7x365 professional monitoring of your servers, PCs, switches and firewalls.  On a daily basis, a BSS technician will check the completion of your backup job and complete periodic backup checks.