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Network Security

Today’s cyber-criminals employ complex techniques to avoid detection as they sneak quietly into your company network to steal intellectual property or hold files for ransom. Threats are often encrypted to evade detection. Once they have exploited a target, attackers will attempt to download and install malware onto the compromised system.  In many instances, the malware used is a newly evolved variant that traditional anti-virus solutions don’t yet know about.  Attacks come in all forms including email, through mobile devices, in web traffic as well as via automated exploits.  For cyber-attacks, the size of your company doesn’t matter. To a hacker you are an IP address, an email address or a prospect for an attack that may be the gateway to many more targets.  Hackers not only prey on older technology, they also prey on unsuspecting end-users fooled by almost perfect looking counterfeit messages embedded with malware. They use automated tools to execute exploits or to launch phishing emails throughout the day and night.  It’s impossible to 100% defend against their evolving technology.  Let Boston Systems help you defend your hard earned property.  We can design a redundant, multi-layered security solution that can mitigate the physical and financial damages if an attack occurs.